Grantmaking Strategy

The Hogg Foundation has established a competitive process for awarding grants to achieve greater results with our limited funds. During our strategic planning process, foundation staff members meet with state and national stakeholders, as well as internally, to identify critical areas in which the foundation’s grant-making could have a significant impact. Every one of our priority funding areas, such as integrated health care, cultural competence, workforce development and mental health research, is the product of this ongoing strategic planning.

The foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Rather, we utilize Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for specific grant programs. Funding decisions are made entirely according to the merit of the proposals received. A rating instrument is used to evaluate the merits of grant proposals and identify a subset for possible funding. For every grant program, a Grant Review Committee is tasked with meeting, multiple times if necessary, to carefully weigh the merits of those proposals that advance to the next level of review. Every grant program is assigned to a program officer who is responsible for day-to-day management of the grant program as well as communication and coordination with grantees.

The foundation makes a concerted effort to publicize open RFPs in a timely manner. New RFPs are announced on the foundation website, via mass email, and in our daily news service, Mental Health Daily. In addition, the foundation routinely distributes news releases announcing the latest grant awards. News releases give a good sense of the foundation’s current funding priorities, as well as insight into what makes for a compelling proposal. A news release archive can be found in the News and Resources section of the website.

The foundation provides a dedicated email address,, for responding to inquiries about RFPs. For each RFP, we also provide an informational teleconference that gives prospective applicants an opportunity to ask questions of program staffers directly. Finally, with every online RFP announcement we also make sure to provide a “Questions and Answers” document that contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about that particular grant. This document is updated after the teleconference.